In all competitions entered, all games must be played.

If a team has only three players when the start bell rings, the game must proceed. The team with three players will concede one penalty shot for every five minutes the missing player is late, up to a maximum of six shots. The lead and second in the offending team shall play three stones each. The team with three players is responsible for the ice charges for four players. The late player may join his/her team at the discretion of both skips.

Apart from the above, RCCC rules will apply. For RCCC competitions, RCCC rules will apply in full.

Should a game require to be cancelled, you should inform Greenacres and your opposition at least 7 days prior to the game.

Every effort should be made to rearrange any cancelled games. Should the team cancelling fail to rearrange the game, Greenacres may issue a default notice for the outstanding ice charges due.