Formed in 1986 we play on a Sunday evening at Greenacres. As a club we curl from September to April each year, running an internal league, knock out, points and pairs competitions as well as entering teams in a number of the province competitions. New members are welcomed from beginners to experienced players.


We are a friendly group of enthusiasts and have a full calendar of events throughout the season. Contact our club secretary for a list of dates and venues. We have an active social diary with events for club supporters throughout the year. If you are interested in joining, contact us to find out how you can participate.

We play our curling at Greenacres curling rink and the emphasis in our club is on having fun in good company. We like to make our games as competitive as possible but once the game is over, its off to the bar for a drink and a natter.
Most of our games take place at Greenacres on Tuesdays at 8.30pm. The majority of our members live in and around Largs and West Kilbride with several members also from the Glasgow.

Blythswood Curling Club is a small, friendly, sociable club based at Greenacres curling rink. We have 2 leagues and take part in local competitions.
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The Club plays regularly during the week at 6:15pm and 8:45pm sessions between September and April at Greenacres.
New members, from beginners through to experienced players, are very welcome! (Curling tuition can be arranged.)

Established in 1963, and has around 20 members. They play on a Monday evening at Greenacres Ice Rink.


The friendliest Curling Club in Scotland. Our games are played at Greenacres Curling Club in Howwood on Sunday afternoons.


The club was founded in 1863 and since then the club has moved from an outdoor pond in Cardross onto indoor ice at Crossmyloof and now onto Greenacres, while there have been major changes to the equipment with players now playing in specialised shoes rather than their everyday outdoor ones.

Club 90 recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary. We are flourishing and very enthusiastic with an average age of well over 70 years. We are a very friendly and welcoming club.
The club was formed to encourage women to curl and be involved in teams as soon as possible and not wait their turn to play the game.

The Social activities of the Club are almost as important as the Curling and we greatly enjoy our ‘away’ days and lunches of course.

We are the ‘Pink Ladies’. The Pink Ladies 1990-2018


Dalry Union curling club were first instituted and admitted to the Renfrewshire 12th Province in 1948, there are around 40 members.


Druids curling club was founded in 1971. Our members are mainly ladies from the Helensburgh and Dumbarton region but we would welcome new members from any region who could join us at Greenacres on a Wednesday at 12:30.


Eaglesham curling club was founded in 1821.

Erskine is a mixed club that plays the majority of its matches on Wednesday evenings.

Pupils from this local school are regulars on the ice here and at national curling competitions


Giffnock curling club was founded on 3rd of September 1930 and in January 1931 was admitted to the Glasgow Province.


Glasgow XX curling club play at Greenacres on a Thursday evening and have around 30 members.


Gleniffer curling club were instituted and admitted in 1980.  There are around 30 members and they play on Sundays.


Greenacres Ladies were founded in 1980 there home ice rink is Greenacres Curling Rink.  They play on a Wednesday morning and have around 40 members.


The Greenacres Young Curlers are a curling club for junior curlers up to the age of 21. All levels of ability are welcome as we have coaches to help from beginner level to the competitive level.
They meet on a Sunday mornings at Greenacres Ice Rink from 9.45 to 12noon.
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Founded in 1952 – Howwood Curling Club play all games, with the exception of invitation games, at Greenacres Curling Rink.


Kilbarchan curling club were instituted in 1842 and admitted in 1848 to the R.C.C.C.


Kilmacolm curling club were instituted in 1879 and admitted in 1894 to the R.C.C.C they usually play on Monday evenings, with around 30 members.


Lochwinnoch curling club was formed in 1827.


The first published recognition of Millport Curling Club was in 1838 at the inaugural meeting to form the Grand Curling Club latterly the Royal Caledonian Curling Club.


Muirdykes Curling Club were established in 1979.  There are 37 members and play on sunday evenings.


Neilston Curling Club will have 24 playing members for the 2016-2017 season. The club plays all its indoor matches at Greenacres Curling Rink, Howwood. The club welcomes new members.

The club, which boasts almost 600 members across the world, had its beginnings in a school classroom! Yes, in 1928, The Old Grammarians’ Club was founded. The Club was born of a need to ‘keep in touch’ beyond the school years, and support and promote the wellbeing and interests of Paisley Grammar School.

The earliest written record of curling is of a monk at Paisley Abbey and a relative of the abbot in February 1541 throwing stones across the ice. Paisley St.Mirren Curling Club was formed on 23rd. December 1845 so it is one of the oldest curling clubs in Scotland.


Pollok Curling club was formed on 25th of November 1879 and originally known as Eastwood curling club.

Reform Curling Club is based at Greenacres Ice Rink and has a current membership of 168. The traditional evening for league games is a Thursday, where you will always find a welcome at Greenacres Ice Rink.
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Stewarton Heather was formed in 1842 and is the sole survivor of two clubs Stewarton Curling Club and Stewarton Heather Curling Club. Based at Greenacres Curling Rink, we are a mixed club with no age limit, where everyone is welcome no matter his or her ability.


Threepwood CC was formed back in 1982 and the first games were played on 8th January that year. ……The Club Secretary Patricia Thomson wrote “Our first Club game commenced on the 8th January, thanks to the efforts of Mrs Helen Hamill, with 10 members present, and a few unable to make Greenacres due to the atrocious weather” …… At that time the Club had 22 members (20 ladies)
The Club membership peaked in the late 80’s / early 90’s and competitions regularly featured six rinks taking part. Also the Club at that time had the strength of numbers and talent allowing participation in several interclub competitions ……Regular friendly games with Gourock CC, and participation in the Accord Charity Bonspiel (a tradition we have happily maintained to date)
Threepwood CC has continued to function as a very friendly mixed gender group of keen curlers, meeting on early Friday afternoons. Celebrating 35 years in 2017, the Club has shrunk a bit, in recent years playing only 4 rinks.
A typical curling season:
Opening Bonspiel, in late September.
Winter League – 4 rinks playing each other twice (6 games)
Gourock Friendly – Each club presents 2 teams.
Christmas Bonspiel / lunch, in mid December.
Mid-Winter League – 4 rinks playing each other twice (6 games)
Spring League – 4 rinks playing each other once (3 games)
Accord Charity Bonspiel
Closing Bonspiel, in March.
And of course trophies and prizes to make it fun and interesting (but not too competitive)


If you would like to come along and try curling, or if you are an experienced curler we are always looking for new members. The club plays at Greenacres Ice Rink near Howwood, Renfrewshire, Scotland. It has a morning section which plays on Tuesdays at 10am and an evening section which meets primarily on Wednesday at 8:30pm.