2017 European Seniors Invitation Curling Competition

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Congratulations to all team who took part in this 10th European Seniors Invitation Curling Championship and especially to all our finalists including the Men's Champions, Team Johnjo Kenny (IRE) and the Women's Champions, Team Chantal Former (SUI).

It has been a privilege for Greenacres to host the Championships and we look forward to seeing you agin next year when will do everything we can to ensure you enjoy your time with us and leave with happy memories.

A photo gallery of the competition will be online soon to help you recall some of the magic moments of the 2017 championships. Please feel free to copy these to your team's website and to keep in touch through our website and social media.

Jim Jamieson
European Senior Invitation Curling Championships 2017

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2017 TEAMS

Team Meeting – Red & Blue Sections – Wed 1 November at 08.10

Team Meeting – Blue & Green Sections – Wed 1 November at 10.25

Team Meeting – Purple Section – Wed 1 November at 13.45


Red Section
Charly Forrer (Switzerland)
Ansis Regža (Latvia)
Willie Jamieson (Scotland)
Håkan Nyberg (Sweden)
Andy Hemming (Scotland)
Tomi Kirjonen (Finland)
Johnjo Kenny (Ireland)
Alistair McIntyre (Scotland)

Blue Section
Oiva Manninen (Finland)
Ian Drysdale (Scotland
Thomas Norgren (Sweden)
Richard Jachnik (England)
Karl Grossmann (Switzerland)
Callum Harvey (Scotland)
Reijo Hakala (Finland)
Jean Robillard (Belgium)


Green Section
Marie O’Kane (Ireland)
Cristina Lestander (Switzerland)
Mari Hansen (Finland)
Ingrid Meldahl (Sweden)
Christine Cannon (Scotland)
Tatiana Smirnova (Russia)

Purple Section
Gunilla Sollerud (Sweden)
Jane McLaren (Scotland)
Chantal Forrer (Switzerland)
Judith Dixon (England)
Kay Gibb (Scotland)
Ludmila Murova (Russia)


1. The European Senior Invitation Curling Championships will be played under World Curling Federation (WCF) rules and decisions by the Chief Umpire will be final.

2. In the men’s Championship, following the Round Robin stage the top four teams from the Red and Blue sections will qualify for the quarter finals. The first ranked team in each section will play the fourth ranked team from the other, and the second ranked team from each section will play the third ranked team from the other.

3. In the women’s Championship the top two ranked teams from each section will qualify for the semi finals.

4. At the start of the first game a coin toss for choice of last stone in the first end will take place. Thereafter last stone in all remaining games will be shown on the official draw schedule at Greenacres

5. At the start of the first game only, a five minute practice for each team will take place and the team playing last stone will practice first.

6. At the Round Robin stage, 2 points will be awarded for a win, and 1 point for a draw. Ends won, shots up and total shots scored will count for ranking in the event of a tie.

7. All games will be 8 ends. At the knock-out stage extra ends will be played if necessary.

8. At the knock-out stage the higher ranked team in a game will be awarded the last stone at the first end with the ice sheet and colour of stone handle being determined by the Chief Umpire.

9. The team listed first in the draw will use the dark (red or blue) handled stones. The team listed second in the draw will use the light (yellow or white) handled stones.


Chief Umpire:
Leslie Ingram-Brown

Robin Shand, Malcolm Richardson, Alan Stephen, Carolyn Hibberd, Donnie Shedden