Haggis Competition 2015

High Road Winners (L-R): Alan MacDougall, Andrew Reed, Andy Woolston, Tom Jaeggi - courtesy of Hugh Stewart

High Road Winners (L-R): Alan MacDougall, Andrew Reed, Andy Woolston, Tom Jaeggi – courtesy of Hugh Stewart

22 teams from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales entered the Tulloch Haggis weekend at Greenacres Curling Club. They made up two sections, one of 12 teams, the other 10. Over the day and evening of Saturday and Sunday morning the teams battled it out for their spots in the high, mid and low road semi-finals. And of course between sessions they had their share of haggis.

Come 2pm on Sunday the scene was set for the semis – Andrew Reed from England met Scotland’s Graeme Adam in the high road, Alan Mitchell, Ireland and Greenacres own Drew Gemmel made the other high road semi.

In the mid road Ian Gillespie, Greenacres, met England’s Fiona Hawker, John Brown, with an international team, Scottish, English and Welsh, took on local team Matthew McConnell.

The low road semis featured Ireland’s Bill Gray against Eddie Binks, Greenacres and Kim Thomson, Greenacres against England’s John Sharp.

Reed and Mitchell made it to the high road final, Hawker and McConnell went to the mid road final, and Ireland’s Bill Gray took on the English team skipped by John Sharp.

Team Reed dominated the final from the early ends, they had a three shot lead after three ends, the Mitchell team, down to three players, couldn’t find a way back into the game, after six Reed led by five shots. Mitchell got two shots in end seven but ran out of stones in the final end – Alan McDougall, Andrew Reed, Andy Woolston and Tom Jaeggi had won the 2013 Tulloch Haggis Weekend.

The mid road final was tight in the early ends, the teams tied at three all after four ends. Then the game was all Matthew McConnell’s, he stole four shots in end five, then two in the sixth. That was enough for the team skipped by Fiona Hawker, final score 9-3 to Matthew McConnell and his team Fraser Murray, Peter Dagen and Josh McNab.

In the low road, fortunes swung back and forth between the teams – John Sharp led, Bill Gray caught up, Sharp went ahead again, but the game was tied at eight all after seven ends. But John Sharp had the advantage of last stone and made the perfect draw to score one shot to win the game 9-8. John and his team Lorna Rettig, Nigel Patrick and Alison Hemmings won the low road.