Reform Curling Club

Reform Curling Club is based at Greenacres Ice Rink, some 15 miles from Glasgow, with a current membership of 168.

League games and a knockout competition are played at Greenacres, with an external knockout played at Braehead.

Current and archived information can be found at full information on the clubs activities. They can be contacted via the Contact page (email) for full information on joining.

The Reform Club provided the World Junior Champions, at one time they had within our membership national champions from all three domestic curling countries Scotland England and Wales. Ireland did not have an association that year, but when it did, Reform provided champions. In recent years, of course they had, chief amongst many accomplishments, four of the five Olympic Ladies Gold Medal winners. Rhona Martin was immediate Past President of the Club at the time.

The traditional evening for league games is a Thursday, where you will always find a welcome at Greenacres Ice Rink