Home to many of Scotland’s most famous curling clubs

The home rink of 2002 Olympic Champion skip Rhona Martin and a venue that hosts national and international competitions seasonally.

With six lanes of ice, 48 curlers can play at one time, while the hire of curling shoes, brushes and expert coaching is always available.

Coaching and Young Curlers

Top coaching is always on hand and Greenacres has a warm welcome for school groups and teams of young curlers.

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Accessible sport

Greenacres curling rink has undergone extensive developments to make the facility fully accessible for wheelchair users.


Welcome to Greenacres Curling Rink

Situated in the heart of Scotland, just SW of Paisley the ancient origin of the Roarin’ Game, and within line of sight of Ailsa Craig, source of the granite from which curling stones are made, were are within 20 mins of Glasgow and Prestwick Airports.

Universally known as ‘the Friendly Rink’ – we bid you welcome!